About Us

Enhanced Logistics is an innovative logistics company that specializes in providing local and international logistics solutions for a wide array of food products. We don’t do just air, sea and road freight. We also do warehousing, storage, customs clearance, documentation services and value-added logistics and distribution. We enhance our customer’s logistics operations by relieving them of the worries often associated with freight forwarding. We are dedicated to delivering logistics services that meet our customers’ individual needs, because customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We are a privately-owned company run by a well-established team of professionals that value team work and take pride in their work and the services they deliver. As a company, we systematically invest in our staff’s professional development in terms of further education and put equal value on promoting soft skills such as trust, respect and loyalty.

We are also dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment, which is why we actively employ practices that support both.

Our aim is to provide our customers with solutions that perfectly meet their needs and at the same time represent best value for money. With this intention in mind, we constantly invest our skill and expertise to serve our customers’ interests and know that flexibility is often key.